Shanna Ferrigno
National Speaker and Author

Shanna has been a health and fitness educator for the past decade, she has helped balance thousands of people’s lifestyle coach. Traveling throughout the world, Shanna motivates her audiences everywhere she goes to take on the challenge of healthy living.

Daughter of the famed bodybuilder and actor, Lou Ferrigno, they created a very successful company known as Ferrigno FIT. A lifestyle brand that celebrates positive, healthy living with behavioral science, education, and entertainment to build personalized transformation programs aimed at helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

From the journey of being an overweight kid to becoming a fitness and lifestyle coach, Shanna accumulated a lot of stories and experiences from clients to help them overcome their struggles with diet and exercise. After reflecting on these topics (as well as her own from childhood) Shanna was inspired and motivated to write The Reset Plan: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight.

Shanna delves into the psychological triggers of weight loss from guilt and shame to loneliness and other emotions that can set person up for addiction and a constant battle with losing weight. Shanna helps her audiences recognize those triggers and helps them “RESET” cognitive patterns for successful weight loss and healing.

Shanna’s workshops and fitness programs in health, nutrition, and weight loss are brought to you with style, grace, and lots of humor her audiences everywhere adore.


Speaking Appearances & Special Events

Muscular Dystrophy AssociationMake a Muscle Campaign – promoting healthy living white working hard to find a cure for muscular dystrophy, ALS and other related diseases.

Hey There Muscles Workout SeriesCreated 6 weeks fitness series ‘Hey There Muscles – Lean Fitness by Ferrigno FIT’ at the Santa Monica¬†Pier. The popular series offers a complete overhaul of mind, body and spirit with classes focused on creating lean muscle, and education on healthy living and eating habits.

LAPDEducating officers and staff on the importance of eating well while at the office and/or on patrol.

Ferrigno Legacy & LA FIT ExpoKeynote Speaker at the Health and Fitness Expo’s in Palms Springs and Los Angeles.

Media Appearances

Shanna has appeared on television, radio, print publications, websites and blogs including:

  • Television and radio segments on KTLA’s Morning Show, Good Day LA and Business Rockstars.
  • Magazine and newspaper articles in the Santa Monica Mirror, Shape Magazine, The Examiner and LA Weekly.



In light of modern day challenges (economic/social/mental) that can create anxiety/stress/frustration as a society we are looking inward, both collectively as communities and also as individuals. We yearn to become more: self sufficient, self reliable and self sustainable but so many of our troubles have entered a state of crisis that we feel we’ve lost control.

The Reset Plan program aims to:

  • Give individuals the tools to take back control of their lives
  • Connect again with their communities and life-minded people
  • Build lasting solutions to life’s greatest challenges through health and fitness

Shanna’s program aims to both educate and engage the local community to examine the ‘what, why and how’ of eating and exercise, practices patterns we can develop, recognize subconsciously harmful ones and focusing on transitioning to conscious beneficial ones.