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The Reset Plan: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight is different from other diet books. This is not a gimmicky plan that promises extreme weight loss. It is a safe, sane, holistic plan to lose weight in a way that lasts. Shanna Ferrigno not only provides detailed plans for food and exercise, but does so in a context of getting the reader to understand why they have let themselves get out of control in the first place. Through an analysis of common “secrets” that she and her clients have carried and used as excuses to keep from optimizing their health, she offers specific advice and course correction for people who are struggling, and does so in the motivating and enthusiastic voice of a coach who is empathetic but does not accept excuses.

Shanna Ferrigno’s tone is upbeat, fun, and accessible, and she is straightforward about helping the reader lose weight and get down to micro-level tips about how to do so. The Reset Plan includes:

  • A 66-day plan to get you in the best shape of your life
  • Tips and tricks to help you find and sustain your motivation
  • Personal anecdotes and success stories from both Ferrigno and her clients
  • An extensive workbook that includes charts, worksheets, and recipes designed to see the you through your weight loss journey

Ferrigno uses her experience as a trainer to incorporate exercise into The Reset Plan and goes deep into a discussion of the psychology of shame and food addiction to help the reader gain and keep true fitness. By couching the weight loss journey within a larger understanding of fitness, happiness, and success, Ferrigno appeals to the reader who is intrigued by the ideas of maximizing one’s potential. Finally, Ferrigno is realistic and down-to-earth about what is reasonable to expect the reader to undertake on their fitness journey in terms of cost and time.

The robust market for weight loss books and the increasing numbers of overweight Americans make it clear that there is room for a new approach. The Reset Plan helps the reader take a deeper look at how they got to where they are and is also unapologetic and practical about showing them how to lose the weight. Ferrigno offers a weight loss plan that has helped thousands of her clients lose weight and keep it off, in a voice that is an unusual and winning combination of compassionate acceptance and hardball motivation.

3 reviews for The Reset Plan

  1. Ferrigno FIT

    This book is so approachable and still packed with knowledge. The information about exercise and nutrition is presented in a way that is so easy to understand with humor and compassion. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to examine their lifestyle – regardless of having 5 pounds or 50 to loose. I am w “weekend warrior,” but found information here that has taken my fitness to a new level. – Emilie E.

  2. Kim Denty

    I love this book. not only is everything she’s showing us true, but it comes from a woman who lives it. I would recommend this book to anybody who is trying to turn their life around. – Kim D.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ferrigno FIT

    Shanna’s book is extremely helpful. I started the reset plan right away. It has very valuable information including label breakdowns, healthy recipes, how to reset your mind and your lifestyle. I particularly like how she talks about meal planning and prep., breakdowns related to vitamins, supplements and medications. Shanna talks about many areas where one can improve their overall health both physically and mentally. I highly recommend this book. It’s been extremely helpful to me and boosted my confidence in being able to get back into top shape.- Sue

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