The Couple That Gets FIT Stays Together

The secret to a successful marriage is an age old question that I believe everyone deep down wants to know. What does it take to have a committed, loving relationship? I look to my parents to reflect on this question and to gain inspiration. My parents are true partners in every sense of the word.


“We Tried a 5 Day Detox and Here’s What Really Happened.”

TIME TO RESET: 2 GALS TAKE ON THE FERRIGNO 5-DAY RESET WHO Jamie: A 23 year old college student who tries to balance a full schedule, and also just wants to be lazy and eat everything in the kitchen. Kim: A self-described couch potato. Sassy. Curvy. Klutzy. 36. Cheese addict and whiskey enthusiast. Needs to adopt better

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5 Ways To Stop Getting In The Way Of YOU!

To really get rid of a habit you need to pay attention to the triggers that set off automatic responses. Did you just get off of the phone with your Mom and head straight for the ice cream like you always do? Do you get down to the last bite of the pint before you


Tuna Nicoise Inspired Salad

Tuna Nicoise Inspired Salad Cook time: 12 mins Total time: 12 mins Serves: 6 Ingredients 1 cup olive oil 1 cup chopped fresh basil or 2 Tbsp dried 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 2 garlic cloves, chopped 1 small head green leaf lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces 4 large tomatoes, cut into wedges 3 hard-boiled eggs, quartered 3


Let’s Think In Terms Of Having Fun!

If you look up the word ‘exercise’ in the dictionary it reads: noun: activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness. The idea of improving your health and fitness is always a good one but with America’s obesity rate at 38 percent for U.S. adults and 17 percent being teenagers, it is


Milkin’ It: Cow vs. Soy vs. Almond vs. Rice Milk

The importance of milk has been pretty apparent since…well…the day we were born.  We depended on milk during our infancy, and as time went on we kept milk as a staple in our diets, drowning our cereals in skim, 1%, 2%, or whole. And there was a time when we just couldn’t escape those “Got


6 Reasons Why Finishing Isn’t The Goal

No matter where you are in life, it’s fair to say that you can always improve and always strive to be better. Jeff Dauler says it best with his “Keep Moving Forward” movement… we just have to keep going. No matter how big or small, we need to strive for progress. With this in mind,


Slow Cooker Low-Fat Chicken Enchilada Soup

Slow Cooker Low Fat Chicken Enchilada Soup Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 6 hours Total time: 6 hours 20 mins Serves: 8 Ingredients 3 cups low-sodium chicken stock 2 cups cooked, shredded chicken 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp ground cumin 2 tsp chili powder 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, optional Salt and pepper, to taste 1 (14.5 ounce) diced