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Are Carbs Making You FIT Or FAT?

Carbs…Friend or Enemy? Are you afraid to eat carbs? Do you often wonder how many you should eat and when you should eat them? The Science When you eat carbohydrates your body breaks them down into simple sugars. Which then are absorbed into the bloodstream. As the sugar level rises in your body, the pancreas


Resistance Training: An Overview

You can’t achieve a well-developed body without some resistance training, aka lifting weights. No matter what your goal is – general fitness, weight loss, muscle-building, maintenance of healthy bones, or disease prevention –  resistance training is part of a healthy workout. This doesn’t mean you have to become a bodybuilder. It just means you should incorporate

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Tips To A Fitter, Healthier You

Write down 5 things you’re grateful for once a week. According to a Journal of Personality study people felt happier, healthier and even exercised more when they did this. Counting your blessings helps you empathize. You’ll sweat the small stuff less and focus on what really matters. According to a new study from the University of


FUN! Non-Fat Yogurt & Grape-Nut Dipped Banana Bites

Non-Fat Yogurt & Grape-Nut Dipped Banana Bites Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 2 hours Total time: 2 hours 5 mins Serves: 1 Ingredients 1 firm banana 3 oz non-fat strawberry Greek yogurt 3-4 Tbsp grape nuts Instructions Slice the banana into thick pieces. Dip the slices in the yogurt then the grape nuts and then freeze two hours,

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Portion Control Quiz

Would You Pass This Portion Control Quiz? 1. A serving of hard cheese is the size of: a. The tip of your thumb b. Three dominoes c. Two hard candies 2. How many green grapes are in a serving? a. 5 b. 15 c. 30 3. What does a serving of pancakes look like? a.


Shanna’s Fitness and Weight Loss Tips

Happy National Fitness Month! Hopefully you’re embracing this month as an opportunity to meet your personal goals, whether you wanna lean out, bulk up, or just drop a few pounds. I’ve put together some great Reset tips to keep you on track and help you along with your personal fitness journey. PREVENT LIFTING INJURIES Injuries


I hear a lot of chatter from my clients about counting calories like “I can have this because it is only 200 calories” or “I was on the treadmill today for 40 minutes so I can eat 600 calories at dinner.”  It is almost like my clients look at calories like money where they exchange


Ask Lou!

You asked, we answered! Lou dishes on choosing the right gym, his favorite exercises, and how to get started with building muscle. Q: Hi Lou, What do you look for when you chose a professional gym? -Susan, WA A: You have to be real careful when you’re choosing a professional gym. Here is my personal