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Shanna Ferrigno’s New Book: The Reset Plan is Available NOW!

I help people transform their bodies and their lives, which is a kick ass way to make a living. I decided to write The Reset Plan because after training hundreds of clients, for over a decade, I wanted to get my philosophy out to people that I haven’t helped yet. FIT to me stands for Focus, Invest, and

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Making Progress with Incredibly FIT!

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our customers happy and healthy, especially when they experience amazing transformations thanks to our line of products and programs. Here are a few satisfied customers who tried Incredibly Fit and have made amazing progress!   If you’re ready to take on your transformation, sign up for the Incredibly

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How to Keep Off Extra Pounds During the Holidays

Check out our premium supplement line: Ferrigno Fuel! Buffet brunches, beer on the beach, carefree barbecues, and sweet festive treats. Holidays, not matter what time of year, bring along so many temptations and opportunities to indulge that it is not surprising that our souvenirs are often much more than party hats and gifts. But it

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HIIT & The Zone: The Best Way to Burn Fat

In an effort to shed unwanted body fat, many dieters and exercisers embrace the idea of performing slow, steady-state aerobic exercises such as a light jog on the treadmill or a slow hike up a stairclimber. Until recently, this long duration, slow-paced type of exercise has been hailed the ideal way to lose weight as

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10 Ways to Manage Portion Control

Maintaining an optimal weight is essential to sustaining overall health and wellness, and drastically reducing the chances of developing serious health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Those who are overweight or obese will also find their energy levels compromised, which can have a negative effect on their overall enjoyment of life. For

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Eat Your Breakfast

Would you like to feel happier, more energized, experience improved memory and concentration, and more easily achieve your weight loss goals without feeling hungry? Then eat breakfast! According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as studies referenced in the June 2011 Harvard Health Newsletter, eating a healthy breakfast each morning provides multiple benefits. A

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Battling Peer Pressure

It’s hard to resist temptation when everyone around you is indulging in chicken wings and fries while you’re eating a salad. One of the biggest threats to your new healthy eating plan is the influence of your friends. No matter how old you are, peer pressure never quite goes away. Although you no longer have

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Weight-loss: Gain Control of Emotional Eating

Do you ever find yourself reaching for the potato chips in the middle of a stressful workday? Do you drown your stress in a pint of ice cream over the weekend?  Do you rely on a hit of heavily-sweetened caffeine to get through the afternoon? If you said yes to any or all of these,