Water Bottle Accountability for Weight Loss – Shanna Ferrigno

Check out more of Shanna’s healthy eating Tips at: The Reset Plan  Try to always keep water near you. Having a water bottle around will make it easier on you to drink more water when you are home, at work, or out running errands. Here is one of my favorite tips that has helped me stay


Lou’s Life Lesson: CONSISTENCY

Lou talks about how to stay CONSISTENT in his home gym in Santa Monica, CA.      


Lou’s Life Lesson: FEAR

You never want to be a slave to fear. Fear leads to the negative. Fear has to do with alcohol, obesity, drugs. It has to do with the fear of being bullied or being called fat, ugly, or stupid. You grow up with these fears thinking, “They’re right.” But if you take action and work


Lou’s Life Lesson : DISCIPLINE

Lou talks about the importance of being DISCIPLINED in his home gym in Santa Monica, CA.


Shanna’s FIT Tip Jar

Check out more about Shanna and Tips at: The Reset Plan  I did end up getting that black dress 😉 Every time I look at it, it reminds me that I earned it. -Shanna