Your Body

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To say that human body is a complex machine would be an understatement. The way we look, move, think, and feel are the incredible properties of giant machinery – built out of a complicated mechanism of organic chemistry, molecular biology, and quantum physics. Our cells, tissues, organs, and body systems are composed of busy, active, […]

5 Tips for Making Time for Yourself

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Do you ever think, “I wish I had more hours in my day!” or “If I only had more time for myself….?”   With full-time jobs, family responsibilities, and the regular grind of life, 24 hours feels like not enough. And since we can’t make more time, we have to learn how to use what […]

Diets Don’t Work

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If you’ve been struggling with your weight for years, you probably already know this: DIETS DON’T WORK! Need Statistics? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 35.9% percent of Americans are obese and an additional 33.3% are overweight. In fact, Psychology Today reports that about 95% of people who do lose weight gain it […]

Practicing Mindful Eating

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We have all had days when we just do not pay attention to what we eat. Whether it be due to a busy schedule, taking care of others, or work and school stressors, sometimes it can be very difficult to be mindful of what we put in our mouths. Although this is often the case, […]

5 Tips For Exercising While Sick

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Check out our favorite Multivitamin Supplement! Although we think of the flu as a winter sickness, flu season actually reaches from fall into spring (October to May). So there is still a chance that you may catch that bug that’s been going around. But wait, you say. You’re in the middle of a great fitness […]

Exercise Helps You Live Longer

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The average life expectancy in the United States is currently estimated at 78.2 years.  That ranks us in 49th place in the world with 89.7 years enjoyed by citizens of Monaco, the global leader for longevity. The US also lags significantly behind Japan (82.2 years), Singapore (82.1),  Australia (81.8), and Italy (81 years). According to many […]

Brain Food

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We’ve long since understood the role of food in providing energy and building material to our body. However, the power of specific nutrients in our diet and how they influence our brain function, moods, and emotions is what has sparked considerable interest and recognition in the past decades. Recent studies show exciting evidence that relate […]

5 Marriage Tips That Every Couple Should Practice

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According to the American Psychological Association 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States get divorced. This statistic is disheartening to me considering that my parents just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. Marriage is not a cake walk and it’s inevitable that there will be bumps along the road. I decided to ask my […]