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Time To Reset!

National Fitness Month is just around the corner. And while we’ll be celebrating with amazing wholesome meals and sweaty workouts, we know that some people need to “reset” their habits to get themselves on track. To really get rid of a habit you need to pay attention to the triggers that set off automatic responses.

Detox/ResetWeight Loss

Shanna Ferrigno’s New Book: The Reset Plan is Available NOW!

I help people transform their bodies and their lives, which is a kick ass way to make a living. I decided to write The Reset Plan because after training hundreds of clients, for over a decade, I wanted to get my philosophy out to people that I haven’t helped yet. FIT to me stands for Focus, Invest, and


The Ferrigno 5-Day Reset

With the start of every new year is an opportunity to hit the RESET button on your life- to begin the year running with our best foot forward, feeling refreshed, recharged, and brand new. That starts with a mind and body that is clean and ready for what lies ahead. What better way to completely


Store Brand Supplements: The Scary Truth

Not all supplements are created equal; sometimes it’s not even close. Last year NY Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman sent cease and desist letters to GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart in response to the results from state-sponsored testing of various store brand supplements. The results of these tests showed that the store brand supplements tested