Tomatoes: Secret Weapon for Builders

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A team of University of Iowa scientists has found a new compound that helps build muscle and burn fat… and you can find it at the grocery store right now. These scientists have identified tomatidine, a compound produced when digesting alpha-tomatidine, as a key to muscle building and fat loss in mice. This compound, found largely […]

Your Body

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To say that human body is a complex machine would be an understatement. The way we look, move, think, and feel are the incredible properties of giant machinery – built out of a complicated mechanism of organic chemistry, molecular biology, and quantum physics. Our cells, tissues, organs, and body systems are composed of busy, active, […]

Diet Plan for: The Skinny Dude

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This article goes hand in hand with our previous article: Golden Age Building Routine for the Beginner: The Skinny Dude In addition to proper exercise, ectomorphs should also be conscious of their diets when gaining weight. It’s necessary to take in more calories than your body needs when gaining weight. The problem with ectomorphs is […]

5 Things Every Builder Must Do

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Like all challenges you will tackle in your life, building requires some basic skills apart from the actual act of training. It’s these lifestyle changes that can make or break your success. They are simple concepts. Still, they evade the majority of people walking in and out of the gym. GET TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE […]

10 Most Common Injuries and How to Prevent Them

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Check out the Joint Health Supplement that we use daily! Injuries during exercise and sports are surprisingly common. Running, for instance, is a popular activity for both amateurs and professionals alike, yet a staggering 80% of people who participate in this exercise end up with an injury. Whether you’ve experienced an exercise-related injury or just want to […]

Choosing the Right Protein Source

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Check out our favorite Vegan Protein!  Until recently, protein was just a silent observer in the macronutrient game. Overshadowed by big brothers fats and carbohydrates that grabbed attention from health enthusiasts, proteins would show up only in RDA recommendations or in an athlete’s regime. The trend is changing. Triggered by the popularity of high protein […]

Golden Age Diet Plan for the Beginner: The Mesomorph

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This article goes hand in hand with our previous article:  Golden Age Building Routine for the Beginner: The Mesomorph Of the three major body types, mesomorphs have the easiest time of adding muscle mass, but eat poorly or too much and you won’t see the results you’re looking for. You’ll want to eat a diet […]

Understanding Our Caveman Instincts

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Food is fundamental to life. Yet our food preferences are often driven by many choices beyond our body’s nutritional needs. Some may say our love of sugars, fats, and salts are just a byproduct of a fast food nation, but this is not the whole truth. Our seemingly irresistible cravings for these dangerous ingredients are deeply embedded […]