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Aerobic Exercise Basics

You likely already know you need aerobic exercise for top physical fitness. But what is it exactly? Aerobic exercise involves using a major muscle group, like your legs for instance, to elevate your heart and breathing rates for an extended period of time — most experts agree on a minimum of 10 minutes to qualify


Resistance Training: An Overview

You can’t achieve a well-developed body without some resistance training, aka lifting weights. No matter what your goal is – general fitness, weight loss, muscle-building, maintenance of healthy bones, or disease prevention –  resistance training is part of a healthy workout. This doesn’t mean you have to become a bodybuilder. It just means you should incorporate


Get Your FORM Down & Have More Fun With Your Workouts

When you use your back to press the weight back up, or you lean back to give your biceps more leverage for that final curl, you’re putting extra pressure on your spine. The muscles protecting your spine are strong, but you can seriously injure them if you make a wrong move or jerk too quickly.


Natural Eggshell Membrane: The Joint Supplement of Progress

Check out our Joint Health supplement: Ferrigno Fuel Joint! It is a new age of promising scientific research when it comes to the betterment of healthy human mobility and flexibility. For years, Glucosamine supplements have been known to be a good way to maintain joint and cartilage health, but this article is going to provide you


The Stress of Eating Right

Eating right is 80% of any fitness goal, whether you’re bodybuilding or wanting to just lose a couple of pounds. Essentially, this means that you can stay faithful to your exercise routine but still fail to meet your goals if you are not giving enough importance to your diet. So there is considerable pressure to


Eating for Size: Before & After Your Workout

You hit the gym hard day after day… but are you getting the most bang for your buck? How you eat before and after your workout plays a huge role in the results you see. Here’s what you should look for in the meals that bookend your gym time. PRE-WORKOUT When it comes to packing


Tomatoes: Secret Weapon for Builders

A team of University of Iowa scientists has found a new compound that helps build muscle and burn fat… and you can find it at the grocery store right now. These scientists have identified tomatidine, a compound produced when digesting alpha-tomatidine, as a key to muscle building and fat loss in mice. This compound, found largely


Diet Plan for: The Skinny Dude

This article goes hand in hand with our previous article: Golden Age Building Routine for the Beginner: The Skinny Dude In addition to proper exercise, ectomorphs should also be conscious of their diets when gaining weight. It’s necessary to take in more calories than your body needs when gaining weight. The problem with ectomorphs is