Our mission is to improve lives through health and fitness.

Ferrigno FIT is a lifestyle brand that celebrates positive, healthy living. We combine behavioral science, education, and entertainment with the fundamentals of health & fitness to build personalized transformation programs aimed at helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.


LOU FERRIGNO | The Inspiration & Co-founder

Louis Jude “Lou” Ferrigno (born November 9, 1951) is the inspiration behind Ferrigno FIT. Like every good comic book hero, Lou’s origin story begins in the face of adversity. As an infant, Lou suffered a series of ear infections and lost 80% of his hearing (though his condition was not diagnosed until he was three years old). This circumstance led to bullying both in school and at home. Lost and unhappy, Lou turned to larger-than-life figures like actor/bodybuilder Steve Reeves and Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk for inspiration. These two icons would dictate who he would become and how he would live his life.

Undeterred by what some may have perceived as a disadvantage, Lou threw himself into athletics at age 13 (predominantly weightlifting and bodybuilding). By age 21, Lou won his first major titles: Mr. America and Mr. Universe. At 22, he came in second at his first attempt at the Mr. Olympia title. His second attempt at the title was documented the following year in the film Pumping Iron. The release of this film helped gain the attention of television producer Kenneth Johnson (Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman), who was seeking the right person to portray the larger-than-life comic book superhero, The Incredible Hulk. With his 6ft 5in, 285 lb. frame, Lou was the biggest professional bodybuilder at the time and was cast. The success of this series catapaulted Lou into the mainstream, making him a fitness legend and a pop culture icon. He would go on to be featured in CBS’ King of Queens, Dreamworks’ I Love You, Man and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Lou continues to symbolize the limitless giant, being the only person ever to have played the fan-favorite. Lou also still makes health and fitness a priority in his life but has turned his focus to teaching others his key to happiness.


Passionate about health and fitness, Shanna Ferrigno is a National Motivational Speaker, Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, CEO and founder of Ferrigno FIT.  Her RESET program is a safe, sane and holistic plan that is based on very common ‘secrets’ of her clients, including herself, that can keep people from optimizing their health.  Upbeat, fun and accessible, Sharing her own personal struggles with weight loss, Shanna is straightforward as she delves into the psychology of shame and food addiction to help you succeed in true health and fitness.



Chris Ndukuba is a Ferrigno FIT Affiliate Athlete and a semi-professional soccer player from England. Chris played full time academy before then playing both part and full time semi pro there. Chris is now based in LA where he combines coaching in Club and High School alongside playing, most recently with City Of Angels FC and Hollywood United.


KIMBERLY WARD, MS, RD, CSSD, CFT | Incredibly FIT Dietitian & ACE certified health coach

Kimberly Braniff is an ISSA certified personal trainer, holds a M.S. in Nutritional Science, a Registered Dietitian & board certified sports Dietitian.  Her aim is to combine her nutritional knowledge and personal training skills to help her clients move away from rigid dieting rules, develop an overall healthy lifestyle, and concentrate on inner health (not just outer appearance). She has assisted schools with menu planning and budgeting at Torrance Unified School District, provided treatment for patients at the St. John’s Health Center, educated individuals on health and nutrition at Kaiser Permanente, and now helps clients achieve their health and fitness goals through private practice.

CHRISTINA ELMEN | Media & Creative Director

As a creative writer with a penchant for branding, Christina is renowned for her passionate ability to help others achieve their vision and brand. Her years of success stem from her degree in Communications and Public Relations from Grand Valley State University in Michigan where she grew her business as a freelance consultant. Christina currently works at Universal Pictures in Marketing and Worldwide Creative Operations, the team responsible for the creation and management of campaigns for major media properties, including the recent nationwide hit, Girls Trip. She continues to truly enjoy bringing the visions of others to life, especially as she continues to expand her own.