Sugar has become a huge part of many of our diets. It’s hidden in our foods and can be very enticing.

We use sugar as a source of energy for our daily lives. Our bodies break down sugars from whole foods and use it as fuel. However we were never built to deal with the amount of added sugars that are in the majority of store bought foods today.

Some foods that you’d never even think, are quietly adding extra sugar to your diet.

Educating yourself further is a good start. Begin reading more and more food labels and start learning the foods that are higher in processed sugars.

Even just having a better understanding of high sugar foods can help with your dietary goals.

Giving up sugar completely can be hard and you may begin to suffer from cravings. If this happens to you follow these tips from Fitness Crest to help stop your cravings.

If you take the next step and fully remove sugar from your diet you will start to see noticeable changes in your body.

Check out the graphic below that highlights exactly what happens in your body after you stop eating sugar.