If you’re looking to change your shape, not just chisel it, you’re going to need to challenge your muscles aggressively to promote growth. If you want to attack the lats, you’ll want to add these four exercises to your routine. These four moves will help you find your wings. Remember, you want heavy weights and low reps. Slow and steady. Lift to failure on that last set.

LOU SAYS: “It’s vital to work the lats if you want to build a proportionate physique. Don’t just look good from the front. The back is just as important.”


LOU_FERRIGNO_1Let’s give your biceps and pecs a rest. Engage the back with a wide grip pull-up. Place your hands on the pull up bar – palms forward and several inches wider than shoulder width. Start at a full hang and pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar. Return to your original position SLOWLY.

(2) WIDE GRIP PULL-UP WITH WEIGHTS Repeat the same as above… only add some weight. You can wear a weighted vest, ankle weights, or tie a plate to your weight belt.

(3) STRAIGHT ARM PULL-DOWN Attach a straight bar to the pulley. Hold the bar palms down and shoulder width apart with arms straight. To avoid injury, don’t lock your elbows. Bring the bar down slowly until it reaches your quads then return to your original position at the same pace. Make sure you’re using your back, not your arms, while performing this exercise.

(4) SEATED CABLE ROW Using the V-bar, sit on the cable row machine with your feet on the platform, legs bent, back straight, and arms extended out. While remaining in position, use your back to bring the bar towards your torso, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Slowly return to position.