Metabolism: is  how much energy your body uses, or how many calories you burn in a day. A starting point to measure your metabolism is calculating BMR (basal metabolic rate), which measures how many calories you burn at rest.  This is the total calories used so your body can function.  Even without exercise your body uses energy (burns calories) by keeping your heart beating, sustaining your muscles, breathing, and regulating your temperature, among other functions.  From your BMR you can determine your daily activity level.  Do you have an active or sedentary job?  Do you exercise and for how long?  Once you put all this together you can determine a good starting point for your daily calorie burn and intake based on your goal to maintain, lean down, or build muscle.


HIT Cardio: is a great example!  It burns calories while your performing HIT and continues to raise your metabolism for hours afterwards (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption…EPOC) compared to steady state cardio. HIT is performed by alternating high intensity bursts of exercise with moderate intensity.  30-60 sec. high intensity followed by 60-120 sec. of moderate intensity.

Resistance Training: is another great way.  Lifting weights raises your metabolism long after you have left the gym.  The more muscle you have the more calories you burn.  And ladies don’t be afraid to lift weights.  It will burn more calories, firm up the muscles, and give you the shape you are looking for.  No women ever said they want a flat booty, stringy arms, and a no curve body.  Lifting weights will give you all the shape you are looking for.

Are you eating enough protein?:  Your trying to build muscle and lean down right?  Well protein can be your best friend in this.  Protein is harder for your body to digest and takes more energy (calories) to digest.  Adding protein to each meal will help keep you fuller longer, deliver key nutrients to your muscle, and keep your metabolism running.  Aim for 3-4 ounces a meal for women and 4-6 ounces for men.

Eating throughout the day: Think of your body like a furnace and your metabolism like a fire.  You have to keep throwing some fuel on there to keep your metabolism burning.  When our body isn’t getting what it needs it slows down and protects itself from starvation.  Have you ever gone so long without eating that you are STARVING and you start eating and feel like you can’t stop?  Plus usually its not the best choices in foods either. By eating often you don’t get so hungry that you feel out of control and ready to eat the whole kitchen.

Eating all food groups and getting in lots of micro nutrients: Your body requires a lot of vitamin and minerals to function and operate in an optimal state.  By eating from ALL food groups and getting in a wide range of fruits and vegetables you ensure your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to operate optimal and keep your hormones running as they should.  Food and stress are the typical reasons our hormones can take a nose dive.

H20: is your best friend.  Water is a key driver in your bodies functions.  It is a vehicle for flushing waste from your fat cells and helping to raise your metabolism (burn calories).  Being dehydrated can cause cravings and tricks you in to thinking you are hungry.  Water is a key component in every function of the body.  A typical amount of water to consume is half your body weight in ounces.  A little more if you are exercising.

A well balanced diet, exercise, and a low stress life will keep your hormones balanced and your metabolism running optimal. Giving you that healthy and fit body you are wanting.


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