Jamie: A 23 year old college student who tries to balance a full schedule, and also just wants to be lazy and eat everything in the kitchen.
Kim: A self-described couch potato. Sassy. Curvy. Klutzy. 36. Cheese addict and whiskey enthusiast. Needs to adopt better eating habits.

For the next 5 days, Jamie and Kim will embark on the Ferrigno 5-Day Reset and give up dairy, gluten,
alcohol, coffee, processed foods, and sugar. We will follow this guide for what food we CAN eat (yes, you read that right. We eatin’.)

Jamie and Kim work side-by-side, so they’ll act as each other’s emotional and mental support system. Also to keep an eye on one another to make sure no one is swiping a Thin Mint from the office stash of Girl Scout Cookies.

Each day, the duo will drink 4 Ferrigno Fuel Rebuild Vegan Protein Shakes, take 1 Ferrigno Fuel Immune Probiotic, and eat wholesome raw fruits and veggies.

Both gals want to kick-start better eating habits. While Jamie already maintains a semi-clean diet, she sees this as an opportunity to cleanse her system and get on track for the upcoming summer. Kim views this opportunity to dismantle her affinity for salty, sugary snacks and foods covered in grease.

Let the games begin….

Shanna (our inspiration), Kim, and Jamie


Issue number one arose when I realized how long this day was going to be without coffee. I got to work less energized than usual and thought about caffeine all throughout my day.  A nap would have been nice but I knew it wouldn’t really energize me. I felt a bit cranky and irritated all day long. I definitely didn’t think my brain was operating at full capacity as I felt like everything was a bit more challenging than usual (though maybe we could blame this on my comedown from an alcohol filled weekend). Day 2 I plan on eating more throughout my day to give me that energy that I’m lacking! If I could describe my day in less than 5 words: yikes, no thank you.

I woke up kinda dreading the day. Last night I indulged in too much champagne, so I’m off to a rough start. Thankfully, I’d begun cutting down on dairy the week prior, so my Pepper Jack Withdrawals shouldn’t be too bad. (The struggle is REAL, people!)  Mid afternoon I started to get sleepy, and I felt super bloated. Around dinnertime, I had a hardcore craving for salty popcorn. Instead of dressing my salad with the usual Blue Cheese, I used my tears to flavor the pile of lettuce in front of me. This will eventually get easier, right? Right?


Day 2 was definitely better than Day 1. Though I was still struggling from lack of caffeine, this time I knew I needed to eat consistently throughout the day in order to keep my energy up, which definitely helped. I think I forgot to eat yesterday because I had this notion in my head that I have to starve myself during a cleanse…. That’s what I always associate with detoxes *shutters*, but I had to remind myself that’s not the case with this one. By eating throughout my day as a I usually do, I was more focused and in a better mood, but still had to push to get through the day and stay on track, which was a challenge without my usual 3pm coffee break.

Had some headaches throughout the morning but chalked it up to the lack of coffee (I’m normally an iced venti junkie). In the late morning, an evil person toasted a blueberry bagel in the kitchen and I shamefully stood next to the toaster, sniffing in the doughy deliciousness for about 12 minutes. Still feeling bloated, but not quite as bad as yesterday. Experienced the same 4pm energy crash and had to fight the urge to sleep under my desk. Also, I was missing the crunching sensation I normally get from pretzels and popcorn, so I ate about 400 pounds of celery, which helped, but also made me hate celery.


I woke up Day 3 feeling AWESOME! I felt energized and ready to tackle my day even without coffee. I made sure to eat and drink lots of water in my first 2 hours of being up to give me the energy I need. Throughout the day I snacked on veggies (Kim was gracious enough to share her celery and cashew butter- Yum!) and non-salted nuts. Like yesterday, I felt like it was the quality food that was giving me energy. I must say though, I was feeling very bloated, but something about knowing that you’re doing such a great thing for your body really boosted my spirits.

Omg, will I ever drink coffee again? I’m pining for caffeine like a heartbroken ex-girlfriend. But gotta admit, feeling much better today. The bloating has mostly subsided, and I’m feeling a bit leaner. Almost experienced a total sabotage when some coworkers brought a platter of muffins, scones, and coffee cake to our desk – I mean, really??? Have some respect for my cleanse, you jerks! Once again, I got tired in the afternoon, but not as intensely as the last couple days. Counting down the minutes until I can insert an IV of caffeine into my bloodstream. Maybe that’s a sign I was drinking too much coffee? Nah.


Spirits were high on day 4. I felt more focused than the other days and ready to take on a busy work day. My energy lasted all day and I surprisingly didn’t experience a crash midway through my day like usual (probably because I’m not drinking coffee and instead eating lean and green foods). On a typical day, I get home from work around 8pm, totally exhausted and not even wanting to cook myself dinner (which on an off-day I would love doing). But today I had an unusually high amount of energy post work! I came home wanting to be productive and clean and do things I had been putting off. What I like about this cleanse is it gives me energy that lasts.  

Home stretch, baby! Super duper proud of myself for resisting those muffins and scones yesterday. I’ll admit, last night I caved in and had two bites of whole wheat pasta from my friend’s plate (mind you, there was no cheese, and just a light covering of organic tomato sauce)…but it totally wasn’t satisfying and I immediately felt guilty for falling off the wagon. I opted for a yummy salad with chicken and beans instead, after reminding myself that it is OKAY to eat, as long it’s the right foods. I also felt bad that I didn’t exercise self-control, but I won’t let that ruin the rest of the work I put into this. Bloating is totally gone but I still hate celery and I might avoid vanilla shakes for the rest of my life. Not thinking about Pepper Jack as much – is that a sign that I’m ready to move on from its spicy perfection? Time will tell.


I’m so glad I chose to do this cleanse- I can’t believe how much energy I have WITHOUT coffee! Plus I feel good about myself and my body feels good because I have been eating such wholesome, natural foods that are good for me. Maybe it’s all in my head, but eating super clean, raw foods makes me feel awesome. Not only will I be feeling the positive effects of this cleanse in the weeks to come, but I’m also now inspired to be more aware of what foods I’m ingesting. I don’t think I could ever completely cut out processed foods, but I’m totally inspired to cut back on them and eat better foods a majority of the time. I didn’t expect this cleanse to have an effect on how I feel about my eating habits, but I’m not complaining!!!

Ok, ok, ok….I feel great. My pants are noticeably looser. Once all the bloating and discomfort subsided, I realized that my digestion was so much smoother.  Why didn’t anyone tell me that dairy is bad for me? Sheesh.  And even though I can’t live a fulfilling life without coffee, I can easily reduce the amount I normally toss down my gullet each morning. This Reset has shown me that I can make healthy substitutions and smarter choices and still enjoy the things I used to. ‘Cuz in the end, it’s not about a diet, a quick fix, or a gimmick. It’s about your lifestyle. And as I slurp up the last few drops of my final vanilla shake and spill it all over myself, I realize that while some things never change, other things do – like pants size, gut health, and eating habits – and those are the ones worth living for!


Though we dreaded the cleanse at first, we both ended up feeling more naturally energized and focused, without the coffee and without crashing. It was also a relief to know that we could EAT on this cleanse! Part of the hesitation to start this was the fear of being starving throughout the whole process, but the option to eat as much good, wholesome foods as we want made the 5 days much more doable. I mean seriously, a detox that actually ENCOURAGES EATING is our kind of detox! Other cleanses discourage you from eating, but this less restrictive one works so much better for the average person like us.

So, do we recommend? Abso-freakin-lutely! Feeling great is priceless.

To find out more about the cleanse we used, click here.