Happy National Fitness Month! Hopefully you’re embracing this month as an opportunity to meet your personal goals, whether you wanna lean out, bulk up, or just drop a few pounds. I’ve put together some great Reset tips to keep you on track and help you along with your personal fitness journey.


Injuries in weight lifting happen for 3 reasons:

  1. Bad Technique. Learn how to do the exercises correctly before adding weight. Start with perfecting your form. I suggest starting with an empty barbell & then adding weight gradually.
  2. Preexisting Problems. Lack of flexibility & bad posture can prevent proper technique. Take it from me…past injuries can/will become a recurring issue if not taken care of from the start.
  3. Ego. Correct technique is hard to maintain with heavier weights. Get to know your body. When I lift too heavy I bulk up fast. I like to lift lighter weights and add on more repetitions to my workouts…it leans me out. No matter what you are looking to achieve learn the correct exercise technique first, then feel free to challenge yourself by adding more weight.


One of the ways we self-sabotage is by giving ourselves room to fail. Sometimes that may mean hiding from others the fact that we’re changing our lifestyle – “just in case we don’t make it.” That is okay in the beginning but when you’re ready to be proud of your decision to get FIT, embrace the challenge, and inspire people with your journey. You WILL find that there are supportive people out there. Having a great community around you will be one of the best motivators around, especially on the days you want to make an excuse not to be active.


Subtracting your age from 220, gives you a very close estimate of your maximum heart rate. Your fat burning zone lies between 45-65% of this number.


By switching it up between a steady state, fat burning zone cardio, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), you will burn fat and strengthen your muscles and lungs, respectively.


You’ve got to keep your nutrition on point in order for your fat burning to be most effective. Supplementing your healthy diet with these fat-burning techniques will end up giving you the best results.


How do you want to be conveyed to others and yourself? Funny, quirky, and uplifting? Strong, powerful, and intense? Determine what style motivates you and find a mantra that will inspire this in you. For example, if you identity with a more powerful style mantra, “First You Feel Like Dying, Then You Feel Reborn” would be perfect for you – as opposed to “Better Than Yesterday.”
The whole purpose of developing a mantra is to stay positive. Avoid using negative words like weak and slow. “I’m not weak anymore,” may sound positive but uses a negative word. Instead try, “I’m strong. I’m powerful. I’m unstoppable.” See the difference?
I always say “be careful about the way you speak about yourself…you’re listening.”


Everyone’s body reacts differently to certain foods. Some bloat up when they eat dairy while others can eat cheese like it’s going out of style. Learning how your body responds to certain foods will help with your success. If you know that a spicy Thai dish is going to keep you up all night with an upset stomach and give you indigestion and heartburn, go with a different dish. Think of your body as a high powered engine and food as fuel. If you put low grade octane in a Ferrari it won’t perform at its best…neither will your body.


Remember that if you want to indulge in the additional glass of wine, you’ll need to spend an additional 30 minutes of calorie burning. Always be present and ask yourself what are you up for. The more you exercise this practice of weighing out your options, the faster you will develop an automatic response of saying ‘No’ to more wine or ‘Yes’ to the added cardio. Bartering can be fair play, just know the situation you are up against.


Feeling inspired? Check out my book, The Reset Plan: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight, for more tips, advice, and actionable plans!