The secret to a successful marriage is an age old question that I believe everyone deep down wants to know. What does it take to have a committed, loving relationship? I look to my parents to reflect on this question and to gain inspiration.

My parents are true partners in every sense of the word. This May they are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary and look better than ever. They workout 5 or 6 days a week, take countless vitamins, and eat a well balanced diet. They eat most meals at home. They love going out for events but their diets don’t change just because they’re out of the house. This can be an issue with a lot of people – allowing themselves to overeat or choosing a fattening meal with the excuse of “being out, so why not?” My parents enjoy eating together early and staying on a constant regime of a clean diet. They get creative with leftovers and always have protein at every meal.

I admire my parent’s lifestyle because they enjoy being in good shape but also having a good time. They have more energy than most people, and though they are in their 60’s (and sometimes take advantage of the senior discounts), they always get carded because no one seems to believe them! Who doesn’t want to grow old this way?

I believe my parents have stayed married and happy this long because no matter what differences they may have as a couple, their core values and fundamentals are similar. This is everything from healthy living to finances. They work hard to balance their busy lives and be their best selves daily so they can be their best to everyone around them. They also dress nicely for themselves, take pride in their hygiene, and wear sun block to prevent aging. They feel young mentally, and hey, who says you can’t reverse the effects of Mother Nature?

My parents don’t work out together and both agree that they like working out on their own. I am the same way with my boyfriend and that’s ok. I like having that time for me to think while training. I am a better listener and partner after I have a great workout. We are always there to encourage one another. Also, when you feel good about your body, your endorphins are making you feel vivacious. (My parents STILL make out in the kitchen!)

Regardless of whether you work out with your partner, your friends or just solo, making that time for yourself is a very worthy investment. Life is hard and obstacles are thrown at us daily so make sure you have a partner and/or a community that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Growing up I always heard the saying, “When you date someone, make sure you notice how their parents look. This will give you an idea of how they’ll look later on in life.” I don’t know how true that statement is for everyone, BUT I know I may end up looking and feeling as good as my parents do at their age…I’m looking forward to it!

Maybe one day we will be carded for our senior discounts as well 😉