It is a new age of promising scientific research when it comes to the betterment of healthy human mobility and flexibility. For years, Glucosamine supplements have been known to be a good way to maintain joint and cartilage health, but this article is going to provide you with reasons of why Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) is starting to become a much more effective and safer method in fortifying the health of your joints. Not just that, but there have been independent clinical studies that have been proving NEM as a great method for treating joint pain and stiffness.

Let’s start with a definition of the dreaded Glucosamine itself; Glucosamine is a supplement that occurs naturally in the shells of shellfish, fungi, animal bones, and bone marrow. It is often advertised as a big help in building and strengthening our cartilage and joints.

Many people take Glucosamine supplements to aid in relieving their arthritis or osteoarthritis, but thus far, scientific research has found nothing to conclude that the supplements help at all. In fact, Glucosamine supplements are not FDA approved for the medical treatment of such conditions, and are proven only to be “dietary supplements”.

As we get older, our bodies begin to slowly lose the ability to produce the naturally occurring chemicals that give us the flexibility in our joints.

Thankfully, clinical studies done on NEM offer hope to anyone looking for a new, more effective alternative supplement to an antiquated option (Glucosamine) that was first prepared by German surgeon, Dr. Georg Ledderhose over a century ago, in 1876.

In 2009, the National Institute of Health conducted two separate clinical studies on the effectiveness of NEM in treating joint inflexibility and pain. They concluded that patients taking 500mg of Natural Eggshell Membrane supplements, once daily for 30 days, resulted in significant pain reduction in the joints within the first 7 days. Also, the pain and stiffness in the patients’ joints continued to be reduced throughout the entire 30 day clinical trial.

Results of a German clinical study as recent as 2014 concluded that 75% of patients in a 60-day trial of 500mg of NEM would report moderate to significant improvements to their joint health, flexibility, and pain reduction.

The studies and results involving NEM present an amazing future for more effective possible treatments of joint and connective tissue (JCT) disorders. Even if your joints are in top condition, it wouldn’t hurt to take a supplement that ensures they stay flexible and healthy in the long run.

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