When you use your back to press the weight back up, or you lean back to give your biceps more leverage for that final curl, you’re putting extra pressure on your spine. The muscles protecting your spine are strong, but you can seriously injure them if you make a wrong move or jerk too quickly. When you weight lift it’s  important to avoid using your back for your exercises, as you can strain your back.

Another type of improper form that many people have when working out is extending their arms or their legs until their elbows or knees are locked. When this happens, you are hyper-extending the muscle, which is dangerous and can increase your risk of the muscles being damaged. You will definitely be sore the next day thanks to this hyperextension, and you place extra strain on your joints. If you aren’t careful, you can rip a tendon and cause yourself serious injury.

As you can see, maintaining proper form in your exercise is very important, so it’s in your best interest to learn the right form when weight lifting or doing any kind of workout. If you do, you’ll be much safer as you exercise, and you’ll see the best results from your efforts to lose weight, get in shape, and build those muscles!


Proper form helps to prevent strains — When you are using the muscles correctly, they will be pushed until failure – but no further. If you try and throw in that extra rep and use improper form, there is a very real risk that you could strain your muscles and injure yourself. Your body will often compensate for the lack of power by using other muscles, and you increase your risk of injuries and muscle strains.