Month: January 2017

The Ferrigno 5-Day Reset

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With the start of every new year is an opportunity to hit the RESET button on your life- to begin the year running with our best foot forward, feeling refreshed, recharged, and brand new. That starts with a mind and body that is clean and ready for what lies ahead. What better way to completely […]

Get Your FORM Down & Have More Fun With Your Workouts

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When you use your back to press the weight back up, or you lean back to give your biceps more leverage for that final curl, you’re putting extra pressure on your spine. The muscles protecting your spine are strong, but you can seriously injure them if you make a wrong move or jerk too quickly. […]

Natural Eggshell Membrane: The Joint Supplement of Progress

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It is a new age of promising scientific research when it comes to the betterment of healthy human mobility and flexibility. For years, Glucosamine supplements have been known to be a good way to maintain joint and cartilage health, but this article is going to provide you with reasons of why Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) […]