Day: October 1, 2016

A 3-Step Guide: How to Avoid Soreness

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Check out the Joint & Multivitamin Supplements that we use daily! We’ve all experienced degrees of soreness in the days following an intense workout. Although an age-old consequence of exercise, particularly strength training, the culprit behind soreness has been long misunderstood. Originally believed to be caused by lactic acid buildup, delayed onset muscle soreness (otherwise known […]

Why Women Shouldn’t Lift (and The Top 5 Reasons They Should)

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 To invoke the naysayers: muscle mass isn’t feminine. Beware of bulking up! Women are the weaker sex. You could hurt yourself! Given these familiar associations with women and weight training, it’s no surprise that many women still live by the belief that they shouldn’t lift. We’re here to debunk that myth once and for all […]