If one or more of the first few ingredients on the list are forms of sugar, then it is likely the food is high in sugar.  If the food product does not contain milk or fruit, then all the sugars have been added and you do not want to eat it.

Do you love sugar?  You are not alone.  There are more than 600,000 food products that contain sugar and at least 80% have sugar added to them.  These sugar-loaded foods literally become like addictive drugs.  Doses of flour and sugar found in these foods alter our metabolism making us overweight and sick.  Biologically, our bodies are addicted to sugar.

You need to know that sugar is why many people are overweight.  According to the AHA, women should have no more than 100 calories of added sugar per day and that is equal to 6 teaspoons. But on average most women are taking in 18 teaspoons a day!

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has proven that high-sugar foods are just as addictive as heroin and cocaine.   They raise blood sugar quickly that triggers the pleasure centers of the brain, making you feel good and creating the urge for more of that same feeling.  Foods that spike blood sugar are definitely addictive and trigger a vicious cycle of cravings and hunger that set the stage for diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases.