Welcome to Ferrigno FIT!

Our mission is to improve lives through health and fitness.

Ferrigno FIT is a lifestyle brand that celebrates positive, healthy living. We combine behavioral science, education, and entertainment with the fundamentals of health & fitness to build personalized transformation programs aimed at helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.




Shanna and Lou Ferrigno started Ferrigno FIT to help empower people to Focus. Invest & Take Action with their long term lifestyle & fitness goals. In light of today’s economic challenges, society is looking outward for a source of support and resolution. So many of our troubles have entered a state of crisis that we feel we’ve lost control. Ferrigno FIT aims to give our members the tools to take back control of their lives as well as connect again with their communities and like-minded people – looking to build lasting solutions to life’s greatest challenges through encouragement and accountability.



"Shanna's book is extremely helpful. I started the Reset Plan right away. It has very valuable information including label breakdowns, healthy recipes, how to reset your mind and your lifestyle. I particularly like how she talks about meal planning and prep, breakdowns related to vitamins, supplements and medications. Shanna talks about many areas where one can improve their overall health both physically and mentally. I highly recommend this book. It's been extremely helpful to me and boosted my confidence in being able to get back into top shape."

Sue, CA