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Can the HULK be defeated?

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most powerful superheroes ever. He is basically strength incarnate. Stress is his trigger, and the more aggressive and violent the stress, the more powerful he becomes. While other superheros have to learn to harness, contain, and control their powers, Hulk just lets it fly (cause he has no […]

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Sweat, Stink, & Pigs

You are sweating… right now – you just may not be aware of it because most of the time sweat evaporates off your skin so quickly you don’t even notice it. In fact, on a day of lounging around, you’re likely to have expelled 1 pint to 3 quarts of fluid. On a hot day […]

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Tired? Unmotivated? Could be Low-T.

As a psychiatrist, I have become increasingly interested in the link between depression and low testosterone levels. Low testosterone (or hypogonadism) in older men may not only worsen a preexisting depression, but may be the cause of it. With age, it is not uncommon to see a decline in testosterone levels. Low levels of this […]

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10 Cartoon Characters I’d Love to Train

As a trainer, you often measure your success by that of others’. Some of my proudest moments have been watching others achieve their goals. Here are 10 “characters” I’d love to see reach their full potential. HOMER SIMPSON Homer has an important job and a beautiful family. He needs to be alert at work and […]

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