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10 Cartoon Characters I’d Love to Train

As a trainer, you often measure your success by that of others’. Some of my proudest moments have been watching others achieve their goals. Here are 10 “characters” I’d love to see reach their full potential. HOMER SIMPSON Homer has an important job and a beautiful family. He needs to be alert at work and […]

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5 Basic Rules of Getting BIG

There is muscle gain, which everyone at every age should experience, then there is getting BIG. In order to increase your muscle mass exponentially, you need to train a specific way or you will not see results. Consistent training, done incorrectly, can lead to a number of things that isn’t size. Here are five basic […]

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Michael Bay’s “UP”

Michael Bay is known as the master of creative explosions. He’s got a hit show on cable about the last naval destroyer on Earth that can cause explosions: The Last Ship. He produced a children’s film this summer about turtles who are trying to stop explosions in New York City: TMNT. He directed a second […]

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10 Things I Learned From The Incredible Hulk

Bodybuilding changed my life but THE INCREDIBLE HULK changed everything. Here are 10 things I learned from playing Marvel’s “gentle” giant. 1. HOW TO ACT The Incredible Hulk was my introduction to acting. It was an incredible opportunity for me, and I trained fiercely for it. I took acting lessons from renown coaches. I listened […]

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